That Rare Thing: A San Francisco Demolition

Listed at $885,000 in November 2008,  this little Noe Valley fixer at 4209 24th Street sold for $896,000 in 31 days.

Two and half years later, the owners finally got their demolition permit.  It only took a few hours for the little box of ticky-tacky to come a-tumblin’ down.  Here’s what it looked like.

San Francisco is notorious for making it almost impossible to get a demolition permit or do anything else that might remove a dwelling unit from the market.  The application alone is 16 pages long and I promise you it is not happy reading.  (I know — I’ve read it.)

So if anyone is wondering what a piece of land is worth in a decent (if noisy) location in Noe Valley, you’ve got your answer.  For a 25′ x 100′ lot, that’s around $360 a foot. Guesses as to the new kid on the block?

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