Is Now a Good Time to Buy?

In an article entitled Great Time to Buy (Famous Last Words), last Sunday’s New York Times took a swipe at perennially optimistic real estate agents who have never seen a time that wasn’t a good time to buy a house.  Fair enough.  Self-interest and magical thinking are not limited to the real estate profession.

For the record, I’ve never suggested to anyone that buying a home is a good “investment.”  You can do much better in the stock market and probably even in bonds. ...  Additional Details

San Francisco’s Luxury Home Market


Every time there’s a housing slump, there’s discussion about whether the top end or the bottom end is fairing better or worse.  Here’s a June 2009 article from The Examiner, declaring that luxury home prices in SF are picking up.  And here’s a report published by First Republic Bank, which puts out a so-called “prestige home index,” for various cities in California, stating that luxury home prices in San Francisco continue to fall.  Here’s the accompanying chart from First Republic. ...  Additional Details

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