“Misha’s Musings” Becomes “Real Data SF”

And now a brief announcement from your sponsor….  I managed to snag www.realdatasf.com a few months ago in what, if I recall correctly, was a brief moment of late-night single-malt-scotch-induced inspiration.  Though I cannot deny the allure of the alliterative, “Misha’s Musings” was always meant as a place-holder till something better came along.  For those of you who are sorry to see the old name go, keep in mind that the new one has 33.33% less characters to type.

Went Fishing


For the three-and-a-half readers who may have wondered what happened to me, I’ve been up in the Sierras near Yosemite with my family at the wonderful San Francisco treasure, Camp Mather, a 9 mile bike-ride from Hetch-Hetchy reservoir, where San Francisco gets its world-class water from, and about a 45 minute drive from Yosemite.

No cell-phone service, no wi-fi.  Just lots of trees, sun, rock, and river.

Spent about 7 hours fly-fishing over two days and caught 3 fry and 1 bona-fide fish, probably not bigger than 9″.  (All were released.) ...  Additional Details

Happy New Year! — The Official Blog Launch


Happy New Year everyone!  I’d intended to illustrate this post with suitable icons for every winter tradition from Christmas to Kwanzaa but decided against it when I  couldn’t think of a suitable graphic for non-believers.  And why should they (we) feel left out?

The image is of a sculpture by Rodin.  I saw it in the Rodin Museum in Paris during the summer of 2008 and, like so many of his sculptures, it seemed to glow from the inside.  For me, these hands express the tenderness and grace that we humans are capable of.  My wish for the New Year is that there be more of both in this  world. ...  Additional Details