Home-Spotting: Second Time Around, 285 Douglass sells for $250,000 over asking

Explain this one to me please.   Elegant if dowdy Victorian lists for $2.349 million in September 2010 and sits there for three months with no takers.  Relists in April at $2.3 million and in contract seven days later at $250,000 over asking price. Calls to the no-doubt-jubilant listing agent for some clarification were not returned, but the only thing I can think of to explain it is a brief and bloody bidding war.

[Ed. Update:  4/14/11: Thanks to John Farnham, the listing agent, for getting back to me.  There was indeed a bidding war.  Won by the guy with the all-cash offer and a promise to close in 7 days. And the extra $250,000 in cash.]  ...  Additional Details

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