587 Jersey One Year Later

I came across this beautiful wreck during a walk in my ‘hood last autumn and snapped this photo to catch the eerie light through the windows.

Purchased a year ago for $700,000, the 1300 sf house has grown to 4BR, 3 BA and 2462 square feet.  Voila, the new 587 Jersey, just listed at a slender $1,749,000.  That’s $710 a foot.

I toured the property last Tuesday and to be honest I was underwhelmed.    The developers squeezed the extra square footage into the original building envelope by building out the attic and the basement.  Certainly a good way to avoid all the hassle of neighborhood 311 hearings, notifications, and controversy.  But at the end of the day, you’re still buying a built out basement and a built out attic.  And it shows. ...  Additional Details

Enough about Owning — How about San Francisco Rentals?

I came across a site recently that not only provides a database of available rental units for many US cities, but also has nice, easy-to-read charts on rental trends for specific areas.  Unfortunately, you can’t get very precise in terms of zip code or neighborhood, but it certainly give you a good sense of rental trends.  And trends, as we all know, are what it’s all about!

Welcome to RentBits.com:

I’ve added them to my blog-roll.

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