TICs, San Francisco’s Involuntary Reflex: Part 2 — The Data

There are weeks when I look through the new listings on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and it seems like there are more TICs for sale than condominiums.  Turns out, this just isn’t true.  Here’s a chart showing relative sales volumes since 2003 (click to enlarge).

Units Sold By Month
Look at that!  Excluding those wonderfully regular dips every Xmas, condo sales are generally at around 200 units per month.  TICs rarely break 40.

Here’s how TIC and condo median prices stack up against each other on a monthly basis. ...  Additional Details

Heat Map of San Francisco Foreclosures

There’s been a fair bit of discussion on various real estate blogs about the state of foreclosures in San Francisco.  Here’s a picture of SF, courtesy of Hotpads, on our little patch of heaven.

Picture 2

Core SF neighborhoods seem to be doing OK, though worse than “average” — not defined by Hotpads as best as I could tell.  Outer neighborhoods are not doing so well.

The big surprise is the amount of red over in Marin, including toney areas like Sausalito and Mill Valley.  Frankly, I’m skeptical; it just doesn’t add up.  There’s not a lot of information on the free part of their website on their methodology though I believe they’re using data from Realtytrac, which has its own fee-based foreclosure radar website.  If I come up with better information I’ll update this posting. ...  Additional Details

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