And Now for Something Completely Different

A long time ago, a famous old Greek fart said “No one ever steps into the same river twice.”   Perhaps that’s a little high falutin’ for what I did a month ago – ergo my preference for Monty Python’s pithy version – but this much is true:  change is constant, and never more so than in our professional lives.

So, after about a decade of working as an independent real estate broker I’ve decided to join forces with Paragon Real Estate Group as a broker-associate.  Why?

Two reasons.  First, they are, simply put, a great group of people.  Smart, ethical, professional, and diverse.  There’s a certain synergy in this business – maybe in all businesses – that comes from working with other like-minded people.  And after just a few weeks of working at Paragon, I already see the benefits of being able to get a broader sense of what’s going on in the market than what I could possibly get on my own. ...  Additional Details

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