House Values by Size & San Francisco Neighborhood

Houses: What Costs How Much Where in San Francisco
Median & Average Sales Prices & Average Dollar per Square Foot Values
by Neighborhood & Bedroom Count
Sales Reported to MLS from March 1, 2013 through August 13, 2013
If you adjust your screen view to a 125% zoom, the table and maps will be that much easier to read. On Windows systems, pressing the Control and + keys simultaneously should do this quickly.
These charts track San Francisco house sales, as reported to MLS, by sales price — median and average — as well as average size and average dollar per square foot ($/sq.ft.). Only homes listed as having at least one parking space are included: homes without parking sell at a discount.

Within the charts, neighborhoods are listed in order of median sales price. Average size and dollar per square foot are only calculated on those listings that published square footage (depending on market segment, 10% – 50% do not), while median and average prices are for all sales.  If a price is followed by a “k” it references thousands of dollars; if followed by an “m”, it signifies millions of dollars; “N/A” means that not enough reliable data was available to generate the statistic.

See the “Statistical Definitions” link to the left for important context and caveats to the analysis.

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