San Francisco’s Iconic Condo Towers: How Much?

Along with a shimmering new Bay Bridge, San Francisco is fast developing a brand new skyline. Driving in from the East Bay, one can’t help but be impressed by the new towers reaching skyward, many of them with arresting architecture. The twin towers of 1 Rincon Hill guards the entrance; the North tower, recently completed, offers luxury rental units but no condos. Meanwhile the curvaceous Infinity Towers ( mnemonic: ∞) has sprouted Lumina, two additional towers plus two mid-rises now nearing completion.

We’ll devote future blog posts to the newest projects as they come on line. For now, here’s a cheat sheet on some of SF’s most iconic towers and the median price of a condo in each of them based on the last twelve months of sales. (Note: expect swank units with views to go for a lot more.) Mid-rises need not apply.

You can download a table for these and additional projects here. CurbedSF also has a good article on SF’s newest developments here, though it is now over a year old.

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